Defect detection


of product on production line

Image processing

Image Processing

Image processing are used in cases when required a highest possible quality in checking product deffects on conveyors.

Power monitoring

Monitor Software

"Monitor" is cutting edge software we develop for temperature monitoring and control purposes. It is used by multiple clients such a CERN.

Monitor software

Power Monitoring

Systematical monitoring and automatic alerting and insures your factory for runs in the most energy-efficient way possible.

We Provide Precisely Crafted Adaptive

Hybrid Recognition Algorithms

Realtime decoding

Real Time High Speed
Data Decoding

Defect detection

Detection and elimination
system causes of defects

Data analysis

Analysis and report
the obtained data

Independent algorithms

Two Independent

Automatic alerting

Systematical Monitoring
and Automatic Alerting

2D barcode reading

2D Barcode
Read Operation


Energy - Efficient Way

Smart and complex solutions for manufactures

Intelligent Image Processing Systems

Highest Possible Quality in Checking Printed Information

Intelligent Image Processing Systems are used in cases when it is important to insure highest possible quality in checking printed information.

Adaptive Hybrid Algorithms

Some applications may require guaranteed reliability in text recognition tasks like printed numbers in documents. Usual approach is to use OCR engine, but in case of data sensitivity the double check comes along.

Our created solution based on adaptive hybrid algorithms performs additional checks and necessary corrections of recognized data patterns. The system also indicates suspicious results if some characters cannot be scanned reliably due to poor print quality.

Power Monitoring

Monitoring of consumed energy allows to figure the "weakest" chain in your machine park. Systematical monitoring and automatic alerting insures your factory runs in the most energetically efficient way possible.

Steps to solution

System is implemented and the monitoring starts, gathered data is being analyzed depicting places for improvements, specific actions to reduce unnecessary energy usage are taken, monitoring continues to insure all equipment operates in predicted energy consuming modes.

Monitor software

"Monitor" is cutting edge software, developed by our company specifically for temperature monitoring and control purposes. It is used by multiple clients world-wide, including such a known organizations as CERN.

Software features:

  • Data Read driver to access equipement generated data
  • Real-time information on the dashboard
  • Interactive graph with intelligent scaling options
  • Possibility to set high and low alarms for each individual measurement
  • Alarms can be transmitted using digital outputs if required

The Monitor Software

Modern and intuitive user interface

Core features of the software

  • Modern, easy readable user interface, which can be adjusted according to the needs of customer
  • Scalability - the software allows dynamically add additional points of measurement without programming (must be supported by hardware)
  • Support of multiple languages. If required language is not available, it can be added on request
  • Export of data (reports) to pdf and Excel formats
  • Graphical analysis with ability to choose graph between real-time and filtered periods
  • User interface part can be installed on any computer in the network, so allowing monitoring from several working places (licensed per working place)

Our Team of Professional Specialists

Consists from certified scientists and PhD's

About Us

JSC AKSERA specializes in development of industrial intelligence systems branded as IISystems.

These systems include industrial data collection from all equipment and all available data sources, data integration, convinient real-time data presentation, tools for effective data analysis.

Based on gathered data and its analysis we help to create and implement the strategies for improving overall production efficiency.

JSC AKSERA also provides services of non-standart software design and integration for industrial systems as well as other automation systems.

Our archievements

Performed projects

  • Excise stamp gluing line automation, excise stamp data read and comparison
  • Packing line automation. Packing label printing and automatic gluing
  • Automation of pelletizing lines
  • Laser engraving automation
  • Automation of workshop for metal thermal processing
  • Automation of equipment washing lines
  • Monitoring of manufacturing process and data capture using RFID tags
  • Monitor software dedicated to monitor and manage temperatures in heating devices
  • Dashboards reflecting real-time power usage by equipment
  • Detection of defects on produced items
  • OCR recognition, linking to chip-readable information
  • 2D barcode recognition

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